"…When I learned that several of America's best chefs--Thomas Keller, Jean-Georges Vongerichten and Charlie Trotter among them--also love this oil, I wasn't surprised.'It's the most full flavored, luscious oil I've ever tasted,' Trotter says.' It's so special that using it is a little like using truffles or caviar. You want it as unadorned as possible'."

Los Angeles Times

"Manni extra virgin olive oil, a favorite of chefs like Thomas Keller and Jean-Georges Vongerichten, is the cult oil of the moment ... Armando Manni, a film-maker, makes his oils using winemaking technology, tests them for purity and ships them in temperature-and pressure-controlled containers to prevent spoilage."

The New York Times

"...Nearby was the olive oil, from Italy's Armando Manni, that the chef thought superb ... a little goes a long way."

Washington Post

"It has a very intense taste, vivid and fresh," says Keller, the superstar chef behind The French Laundry in Napa. "Armando has great passion for what he does. His ability to get immersed in his production and to produce an olive oil that has so many health benefits has been enlightening for me."

W magazine

"Incredible Edibles"


"I very much liked both MANNI oils. Per Me was ripe, with heat that built to a crescendo in the back of the throat without going over the line. Per Mio Figlio had a roundness and butteriness that none of the other Tuscan oils had."

Wine Spectator

"the ideal Tuscan olive oil from Manni"

Food & Wine

"Manni oil truly is sublime"


"...several restaurateurs in the U.S. feature MANNI's oils and are taking them home to their young ones. Nicola Mastronardi of Los Angeles's Vincenti swirls Per mio figlio into a risotto for his kids, and Patrick Gioannini, of New York's Jean Georges, adds it to the vegetable purees he makes for his ten month old twins."

Gourmet magazine

"Per Mio Figlio ("For My Child") is a sweet extra-virgin oil that is packaged in small, light-resistant bottles to retain its just-pressed flavor and high levels of immune-boosting polyphenols… Manni's oils are available to consumers only via international courier to ensure that they are shipped—like fine wines—under suitable, temperature-controlled conditions."

Town & Country

"Produced from ‘seven different crus,' Manni's eponymous oils are regularly monitored for their organic properties and chemical values to increase the quality. His oils are not sold in the stores…"

Food Arts

"This extra virgin olive oil was developed by Armando Manni, in an effort to find antioxidant-rich foods for his young son—fourth in a line of men with a history of potentially fatal heart disease. Produced in cooperation with the University of Florence."

Forbes FYI

"Critics have likened its purity to that of a fruit juice or a fine wine. Top chefs put it aside to offer their most favoured guests. Tasting them was mind-blowing. I had no difficulty agreeing with the large claim that these were the world's best olive oils."

The Observer, Paul Levy, U.K.

"The Lure of Gold" "When the award-winning Italian film director Armando Manni had his first child, Lorenzo, he noticed that though he could buy the finest quality organic meat and vegetables, he could not buy the same top-grade olive oil… So he put the movie career on hold, went to the top authorities at the University of Florence…bought the best olive-growing land in Tuscany, planted the best variety of tree, installed cutting-edge technology and rethought the system of getting the oil to the consumer."

YOU magazine, Daily Mail, U.K.

"Mr. Manni's challenge was to get the oil to the consumer in the same chemical state it left the press, protected from the effects especially of ultraviolet light and oxygen…He set about creating a new olive oil as though he were trying to make a great wine…the flavor of both is so intense that you only need a third of the amount of even a single-estate oil -- about a teaspoon (5 milliliters) where you'd normally use a tablespoon (15 milliliters)."

The Wall Street Journal Europe

"Monumental, a broad spectrum of bouquets and aromas, with intense notes of bitter chocolate, Per me (For Me) has something of a great wine in its impact, starting with its persistence: structure, length in the mouth, twenty minutes, almost more than a Barolo. Sweeter and more delicate is Per mio figlio (For My Child) … here sweetness prevails, with a note of sugar-covered almonds. … The healthful activity (antioxidant, anti-LDL, or bad cholesterol, anti-heart attack, anticancer, anti-aging) of an oil drops gradually as the oil oxidizes and ages, which is to say as the aging coefficient increases. This coefficient (in MANNI's oils) is extremely low, as tests conducted by the University of Florence show."

Gambero Rosso magazine, Italy

"An Oscar for this oil!"

L'Espresso magazine, Italy